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What's up at CCPS?

Emmet Lecompte, CPTED/Safety Coordinator, CCPS, elecompt@uwo.ca

Hi There from CCPS!

Since the last article in April, we have a new Special Constable in our ranks. Simone O'Toole joined our Service in September 2012. He comes to us from the Niagara Regional Police Service where he was an auxiliary officer. At this writing Simone is in field training with Special Constable Jeff VanHaarlem.

Welcome aboard mate!

Around mid-December of this year, Special Constable Greg Lawson will be returning to CCPS after having been off on Parental Leave. Welcome back brother. Congrats to you and the missus on having a healthy baby boy. Hurrah!

Severe Weather Sirens

I know we believe that cellphones are ubiquitous and at times, I see them coming out of everybody's ear. However, there are times when you can be out walking around this campus and you will be without your cellphone. What happens when an ugly storm cloud appears and the wind picks up and objects start flying? It would be nice to get a few minutes warning.

Well, now there is. After many months of planning and consultation throughout the Western community and beyond, we now have a siren system set up and operational that will notify you to seek cover immediately. This system will be tested in silent mode several times during the year as well as audible testing yearly. In addition to the distinct siren, there is a vocal component that will deliver succinct clear messages. The ever-changing climate with potentially dangerous weather being imminent we have been experiencing, has necessitated us to augment our already mass emergency notification system in place at Western.

Fire Safety Emergency Management

FSEM has moved to new digs over at the Graphic Arts building on October 1, 2012. Being moved out of the SSB has meant that there are fewer informal encounters with the folks within SSB. The folks at FSEM miss that problem solving occasion over a cup of coffee, or a chance meeting in the hallway.

New office space means they now have a dedicated Community Education area identified for selected refresher training by staff; in-house training for members of Western as well as web-based instruction.

The layout of the office area allows for comfortable surroundings for the five staff members - 1 Fire Manager, 1 Fire Prevention Officer, 1 Technical Specialist and 2 contract employees (Fire Safety and an Administrative Assistant).

Fire Safety Manager, Frank Faroni - on the phone in his new office, problem solving with a client.

  Along with the new office, FSEM also has a new vehicle.

FSEM are a busy crew, as I mentioned in my last article in April. Beside the many routine tasks, FSEM have added orientation sessions with the London Fire Service, specifically the Chemistry building. It now houses a Flammable Liquid Dispensing Room which requires preplanned response by LFS. The popularity and demand for fire extinguisher training has resulted in 50-60 persons being trained every month.

Of a concern to everyone, Frank Faroni has advised that there is a sharp increase in the number of false alarms coming from our student residential buildings. A substantial number of these alarms are malicious in nature. These incidents are investigated by FSEM, LFS and Housing in an effort to identify and stop persons responsible. Each false alarm disrupts not only residents studying within the building, but creates complacency in evacuation. This could result in lamentable consequences.

Western Foot Patrol

Western Foot Patrol is a service available to YOU!

Since September 2012, Western Foot Patrol has responded to approximately 1,000 calls for service. A Foot Patrol team consists of one male student and one female student. Working shifts of 3 hours once a week, these busy and dedicated individuals fulfill a need to give back as well as fit it in with their busy study load.

You can find Foot Patrollers anywhere on campus at Western, Huron, Brescia or Kings in the rain, snow and cold. These hardy 200+ volunteers not only provide safety during escorts, but are the eyes and ears of the Campus Police while on patrol.

This very successful volunteer program has little trouble recruiting. Not only do they use the social network of Facebook and Twitter, but they are in the Student Guide for first year students, in literature within the student residences and of course, encouraged by current foot patrollers.

Western Foot Patrol has a vehicle for their use when the need arises. You may have seen it around campus if you are out and about in the evenings.

That is all for now folks.

Happiness to you and your family during this holiday season and peace and prosperity in 2013!

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